Ziegler Asia offers reliable, comprehensive shipping services to virtually all destinations worldwide at the most attractive freight rates. We are specialists in Asia, which is our home, but we cover the rest of the world through an extensive network of partners.


Proven forwarding of your consignments not just across the world's major shipping routes, but in the air too.

On-Line tracking and Tracing

Tracking and inventory control 'On-Line', all the way from point of purchase to warehousing. This Internet based service, named 'ZieglerTrak', offers customers the assurance of tracking their shipments from the moment purchase orders are placed until the goods are delivered to their final destination.


Full Documentation service and Customs Clearance of consignments for export and import.


Offering not just a secure storage area, but also a range of 'value added' services for both one-off consignments and large ongoing contracts.

Transportation Management

Our logistics experts and a network of trucks keep consignments on the move from factories to ports and from ports to final destinations. Two-way communications between our control centre and each truck ensures that contact is never lost.

Static Reefer

Fully-refrigerated containers. Complete with 24-hour support for emergency and temporary storage of foodstuffs, medicines and other perishables. An asset to hospitals, offshore rigs, retail and hotel chains, and other customers with large refrigeration needs. Can be delivered right up to service entrances.

Break Bulk

Managing the door-to-door transportation of oversized items like excavators, buses, timber logs and yachts, among others. Includes liquid cargo transported in tanks or parcel tankers. Regardless of your cargo type, we can find a solution.

Special Cargo

A specialist's approach to handling unusual and expensive shipments such as classic racing cars or antiques and ensuring their safe delivery.

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