Ziegler Trak

Utilize website tracking and inventory control through a dedicated website, all the way from point of purchase to warehousing. These Internet-based services, grouped under the name 'ZieglerTrak', offer customers the assurance of tracking their shipments on-line. This innovative capability offers a total, flexible logistics solution.

Ziegler Trak Benefits

Benefits of using a web based tracking system

  • When shipping large volumes of cargo around the world there is naturally a considerable volume of paperwork to process. When you are also dealing with third parties working remotely in different time zones, the process can become rather complicated and difficult to monitor. ZieglerTrak is a value added tool which Ziegler Asia logistics offers to its customers as part of its complete logistics management package. We not only handle your shipments for you, we offer an interactive management system whereby our customers can monitor their shipments at any time, and at any point in the supply chain.
  • By providing unrestricted on-line access to shipping information we offer a round the clock facility for all our clients in all locations. ZieglerTrak is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and is therefore of great benefit to all parties involved in a supply chain, even if the shipper and consignee are on opposite sides of the world as time zone differences are overcome.
  • Customers can use ZieglerTrak to obtain real-time updates on the whereabouts of shipments at their convenience. Instead of sending emails or faxes to transhipment ports, our customers can simply log on to ZieglerTrak and get the latest transhipment report or ETA real time. This way our users know that what they are looking at is the most up to date information, and there is no need to have further time consuming dialogue on the matter.
  • ZieglerTrak is designed as a comprehensive management tool, and as such can generate a variety of reports to assist our customers with their operational requirements. Reports on the arrival of goods, shipment details, monthly summaries and any kind of customer specific report can be custom -built to facilitate the requirements of Ziegler Asia's clients. Such reports reduce overall paperwork loads, allowing customers to focus on other areas of their business rather than worrying about the administration of shipment reports.
  • Accessing shipment information on-line does offer considerable cost savings to your communications bill. ZieglerTrak dramatically reduces the need to send numerous emails and faxes, and make phone calls for each and every consignment your company moves.
  • In summary, ZieglerTrak allows all parties concerned with customer specific supply chains to monitor their shipments in a highly efficient, cost saving manner by offering real time information and accurate reporting which is accessible to all in a custom made format.

Ziegler Trak Features

Operational features and customer benefits

ZieglerTrak follows the same operational principles for each customer, but is customized to suit the particular requirements of each company. For all customers, the initial starting point will be the sending of an e-mail to Ziegler Logistics Headquarters to inform us that we have a new shipment. The email simply has to include shipment date, delivery date and purchase order reference number. From that point on, Ziegler Logistics will make all the necessary arrangements with Port of Loading agents to ensure your shipment goes as planned.

  • You can be assured that from our Headquarters in Singapore, Ziegler will be monitoring your shipments all the way. Once we have received your Purchase Order, we will get our local offices to ensure that the required booking arrangements are made. This allows your shipping department to focus on other business, and saves time and money on communication.
  • Once Ziegler has entered your Purchase Order details in to the system, you can check on its status at any time. Information such as confirmation of booking, confirmation of loading, transhipment update details, estimated Date of Arrival and confirmation of goods received by customer at destination can all be accessed by ZieglerTrak users at any time.
  • To view the status of shipment users must first log in using their unique username and password. This ensures that customers sensitive commercial details are held securely and viewed only by those the customer wishes to have access. It is possible to check the status of each shipment by particular search criteria, such as "orders received by POL", "intended vessel details", "authorized shipments”, "confirmed booking details", "booking advice issued","transshipment updates" and "consignment release". In fact ZieglerTrak can be modified to create any type of report required for your particular operation. 
  • Customers can check ZieglerTrak at any time to receive the most up to date ETA details. 
  • Once in ZieglerTrak simply click on "REPORTS", and then click on "SHIPMENTS". Enter your Purchase Order and you will see a brief overview of the shipment details. Click on the PO link and you will get all the information available for that particular consignment, including the most up to date ETA. 
  • ZieglerTrak offers our customers a truly comprehensive tracking system which offers users a powerful logistics management package. However, we have also designed the framework of the system to remain flexible so that we can modify and customize it to the customers’ specific requirements. We can also offer advice on system adaptations such as customs status reporting, warehouse arrival by container number and reports by specific product type.

Customer Benefits

Primary customer benefits for using ZieglerTrak

    Because Ziegler liaises closely with your suppliers, you can be assured that whenever possible the goods will be shipped on time.
    Customers do not have to depend on third parties in the supply chain submitting reports on time, as ZieglerTrak will do all reporting on line and by automatically generated e-mail.
    All details pertaining to shipments are available to the customer. Nothing is off-limits and you will have access to all the information we hold.
    Customers can look for particular details by applying specific search criteria. This avoids wasting time looking through irrelevant reports, and lets you have direct access to the specific information required on a ‘real time’ basis.
    Customers can manage their cash flow more tightly as they will know well in advance precisely when they need to pay their customs, haulage, freight etc.
    ZieglerTrak can help customers with their stock control calculations, as they can monitor stock in transit, determine when it will be available at destination, and adjust current stock and ordering levels accordingly.

ZieglarTrak is an extremely user friendly system which is designed to make the otherwise complex business of moving many shipments around the world as simple and efficient as possible. By utilizing our customized system, Ziegler customers have the power to manage the movement of their goods in a more dynamic manner. Managed by our dedicated global network, ZieglerTrak offers our clients the complete logistics management package. Make the first move by contacting us, and stay one move ahead of the rest with Ziegler Logistics.